How it works

Using SMCFX to transfer funds to an overseas beneficiary couldn't be easier and at a much better rate than the bank.


Let's say you are looking to buy a 1965 Ford Mustang at $30,000 US Dollars. The bank may offer you 1.36$ for each £1, whereas we can offer you 1.39$, that doesn't sound like a big difference but let's see the change it makes on your purchase:

Purchase price: $30,000

Bank rate @ $1.36 costs £22,058

SMCFX rate @ $1.39 costs £21,582

A saving of £476 

Using our online portal you can quickly and easily set up the beneficiary details choosing from over 140 currencies

You then obtain an instant spot rate which shows you how much you will need to transfer in order to complete the transaction

You are then shown the UK bank details to transfer funds to and a summary of the payment details